The First Church of Cannabis to feature Chief Greenbud at Inaugural Service

CGB First CannabisNashville, Tenn (June 15, 2015) The First Church of Cannabis will hold it’s inaugural service at 3400 S. Rural St Indianapolis, IN 46237 at 12:00 pm with fellowship to start immediately after the service. Fellowship will include an exclusive performance set from Chief Greenbud’s forthcoming album that is set for release on August 25th 2015. The newly formed church has raised approx $17,000.00 through GoFundMe and continues to build a large following.

“It’s an honor to be asked to perform at such a historic event. It’s nice to see laws change that allow us to gather together and celebrate cannabis in a positive way” – Chief Greenbud


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The Viper Room

It would be hard to describe in words, my first trip to California.

The Viper Room is a room unlike any I have played to date. It has an incredible vibe. EVERYBODY has played the Viper Room. During the sound check one of the waitresses asked for a CD. (she said I was hilarious and she wanted to give one to her boyfriend… that he would just love it… but I like to think it was really for her!! hahaha) Ater that, we went to go “tune up” for before the show. Then, showtime! Muck Sticky started the show with my new favorite song “The Icky Muck” and the crowd went nuts! They just haven’t seen the like of the Sticky Muck… The Sticky Icky Muck… we gonna party lad dee dat tee… till the sun is coming up… (shit.. it’s in my head again!!)

The highlight of the night for me…. personally, was during my new song “Why Can’t We All Get A Bong”… when lighters started glowing…. There I was, in Hollywood, California, playing in the world famous Viper Room…. and people were holding up lighters…. (and not throwing tomatos as I have experienced on numerous occasions in the past!! j/k)
AND THEN…… Santa took me outside and made up for “A Christmas Without Weed!!” hahahhaha (HE REALLY DID!! he’s one of my new friends, go check him out!!) I also met the VP of the OC Norml Chapter (Sage) and he seemed interested in bringing me back out to play for a few events… so it looks like there are more trips to Cali coming up!!

Yeah… from the moment we got off the plane and were greeted by the Henry Hemp crew upon landing in Burbank and given the full VIP Treatment complete with security and SUV motorcade!! … cruising down Sunset Strip while inhaling something called “purple woody”… going by the Playboy Mansion… smoking many, many bowls in The Rainbow Room… as well as smoking what seemed like a hundred different strains… (I want a CHIEF GREENBUD Strain!!! LOL Yeah… it was a trip… OMG was it a trip !!)

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