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Written By: Dan Harr
Music News Nashville

Chief Greenbud Volume 4When Chief Greenbud first hit the scene several years ago, I found myself wondering whether the world was ready for a resurgence of Cheech & Chong-style marijuana humor performed to music. Six years and four albums later, Greenbud releases his latest, Chief Greenbud Volume 4, and there’s no doubt that he is here to stay. Chief Greenbud’s talents as both songwriter and performer are showcased with some funny, well-crafted songs.

Appropriately, the opening track “Fire It Up” sets the tone for the entire album while, at the same time, makes me want to light up the first joint of the day, kick off my shoes, grab a cold one and sit back to listen to the rest of the CD. So, let’s “Fire It Up” and listen to the rest of the songs…

“iBake” is a natural song for millennials who seem to have “i” everything… iPods, iPads, iPhones and so on. And, like those products, surveys and statistics prove that “iBakers” are here to stay.  The third track, “Big Pharma”, is a political statement on America’s hypocrisy regarding the move to legalize marijuana – it’s okay for the big pharmaceutical companies to make money off of drugging the world with synthetics that have adverse side-effects while a natural remedy remains on the banned list. There’s something wrong with that and the Chief raises the point very well.

We all know “That Guy,” the one who forgets his wallet, always bums a cigarette or, in the case of the song, begs another hit and never shares his own. They sure are annoying and Greenbud’s humorous take on “That Guy” is a treasure.

So far, the album has been flavored with Americana/Folk style songs, but on track 5 this changes. “Smoke It” has a driving pop/rock feel and is somewhat of a departure of what fans expect with the Chief – a laid back style that sucks you in like a lungful of cannabis. I’ll admit – this isn’t my favorite song on the album, but it still flows well.

“Mr. Unreliable” returns to the fun side of things with an upbeat bluegrass roll that laughingly shouts with anger at the pot dealer who just cannot seem to be on time when you need a refill of your stash. “One Thumb Up” is a call to fans to be a part of the Chief’s marijuana movement. Admit it people, you’ve got “One Thumb Up”!

Track 8, “419”, is a great follow up to Greenbud’s “It’s 4:20 Somewhere”, which was a parody of the Alan Jackson/Jimmy Buffet song “5:00 O’Clock Somewhere.” In “419” the Chief asks why we need to wait for 4:20 somewhere? Toke up now and enjoy!

“Wake and Bake” reminds me of my own youth. Yeah, I admit it… I was a stoner in high school and the lyrics of the song hit home quite well. “The No Song” has a reggae feel and makes fun of those days when you’re just plain out of luck – no stash, no pipe, no cash. And it sucks – not the song, but having NO resources to enjoy a fatty.

Okay… so we come to my least favorite song on the album, “Flower Power”. Note to Chief – stick with what you know best… Americana, Folk and the occasional Reggae.

The album closes with a folk sing-a-long “Everybody Get High”. As I listen, I close my eyes and am transported to a better time when people weren’t so uptight, political correctness didn’t rule the day and it was fun to light up a joint and laugh at the moon as we sat on a rock in the desert after a long day riding our bikes.

Cheif Greenbud has a winner with Volume 4. It has a little something for everyone who smokes or is a proponent of legalization. It’s well-crafted, nicely produced and one I would recommend you add to your musical library.

On an aside to CHEECH & CHONG – take note!!! Chief Greenbud is someone you need to add to your lineup of acts to take on tour. With his cross between marijuana humor and Jimmy Buffet-style performances, your audiences will eat him up like the brownies they brought to the show.

For more about Chief Greenbud, visit his website at or friend him on Facebook at

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CD Review – CGB Vol 3

Chief Greenbud – CGB 3
August 13, 2012
Nashville, TN
by Dan Harr

Marijuana should be legal! For the first time since polls were taken by Gallup starting in the 1960′s, more Americans than not think the drug should be legalized for medical and recreational use. After all, alcohol, which is a more dangerous drug, has been legal since prohibition was reversed.

Leading the musical charge for marijuana activism is Chief Greenbud, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who, for the last several years, has been garnering a strong following amongst not only the “pot underground,” but more mainstream musical enthusiasts as well. CGB 3, his latest CD, is a strong project filled with both party songs and messages about the need to legalize marijuana, protecting your rights during a traffic stop and more.

Starting off the CD is “Life, Liberty and a Real Good Time.” It is a powerful, upbeat song about our right to pursue happiness and why we should be able to do it with a fatty in our hand. This is a song that should be played again and again before congress whenever the question of legalization comes up.

On an album full of party songs, “I’m So Messed Up” is a good one. It’s a straight up, full-force “let’s just have fun” song. It’s funny, it’s catchy and kitchy, and an enjoyable tune.

*** PARENTAL ADVISORY *** “Drug Bust,” contains one of the funniest lyrics on the album when talking about what happens when getting arrested: “He threw me down on the ground / so I asked him for a reach-around / I might as well get jerked off / since it looks like I’m getting fucked.” ‘Nuf said! It made me laugh and it will likely do the same for you.

In my opinion, there are three strong hits with the potential to climb the charts on the album. The first one is “Smoke As Much As You Like.” While it is still a niche song, it has a great beat, strong lyrics and is just a fun song to listen to while you have your buzz on. The title has even become one of the in-demand t-shirts sold by The Chief.

Another song, “I Need A Beach,” is pure Jimmy Buffet. It’s a mainstream, radio-ready song that Jimmy, himself, would likely enjoy and perhaps even cut for one of his albums. It’s well written, has strong melodies and, simply put, is a really great song.

Closing out the CD is another song I believe has serious potential IF… (note to CGB: rewrite the lyrics for mainstream radio and the “if” becomes “when”). ”Walk To Jamaica” is a Kenny Chesney tune, or perhaps Uncle Kracker’s answer to Chesney’s “When The Sun Goes Down.” It has a fantastic beat, powerful melody and that “potential” for phenomenal lyrics. Okay – it’s a good song as is. There, I said it. BUT – it has some lyrics in it that will keep it from mainstream radio where it could easily find itself sitting on top of the Billboard Country and crossover charts.

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CD Review – CGB Vol. 2

Written By: Dan Harr

At 4:20pm this afternoon I plugged Chief Greenbud 2 into the CD player, kicked back with a couple friends and proceeded to laugh for the next 60 minutes. Chief Greenbud has released his sophomore album and, as is needed in the music industry to succeed, stepped up to the microphone and taken the new work to a higher level.

Okay, let me clarify that… when I say “higher” level, I mean it literally. The pot humor is even funnier than Greenbud’s first CD (which, itself, was exceptionally humorous) while the quality of the lyrics and music remain – well – high. Along with original melodies, the Chief effectively parodies several top artists on this CD including Alan Jackson (“It’s 4:20 Somewhere”) and Brad Paisley (“I’m Gonna Get High”). The lyrics are original and unique and the musicianship – on both parodies and originals – is top notch.

Musically, my favorite song on the CD is “Toke and Bounce.” I really like the chorus progressions. Lyrically, “I Like To Smoke Weed” is my favorite. The irony of it is in the comparisons of alcohol effects versus those of marijuana, and how alcohol is legal whereas pot isn’t. Chief Greenbud sends a message and there are many who should listen to what he has to say – whether you like pot or not, it makes sense. Another “positive pot message” is found in “Why Can’t We All Get A Bong.”

Cheech and Chong watch out! You definitely have competition in the marijuana humor category, and it’s being performed by an award winning artist. That’s right. The Chief has three GMMA’s under his belt as well as a High Times Doobie Award nomination, and in June 2009 won four American Marijuana Music Awards. Okay, so they’re not Grammys, but just wait – word has it he’s been entered for nomination consideration in the comedy category so who knows what’s up next for this artist.

As with the first album, I recommend this one to anyone who likes comedy and everyone who likes niche marijuana humor. I can’t wait for Chief Greenbud #3…

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CD Review – CGB Vol. 1

Back in the 70’s, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong found their niche in the entertainment world performing comedy about two pot heads who simply wanted to enjoy life from their alternative consciousness. The evidence of their popularity among a certain section of society – basically current or former marijuana smokers – is evident in the fact that they are still touring today, bringing their comedy to an entirely new generation. Movies, records, tours and more. Cheech and Chong did it all. And while they are still going strong, there’s also a new artist on the scene who has been passed the torch of marijuana comedy – Chief Greenbud.

With his self-titled freshman release on the streets and a second CD underway, Chief Greenbud has taken the marijuana music world by storm… or, if you will, by one gigantic puff. The Chief has already won accolades in his field, acquiring two Global Marijuana Music Awards (Best Acoustic Song & Best Male Artist) and being nominated by High Times Magazine for their 2009 Doobie Award for Best New / Underground Artist. Additionally, he’s finding himself in high (pun intended) demand on the underground concert and festival circuit.

All songs on the CD were written and performed by Chief Greenbud, and I will say there are many songwriters out there who could take lessons from the quality of the work. Whether you enjoy breaks at 4:20 or not, you can’t help but appreciate the excellent writing in the lyrics and melodies penned by the Chief. While there are things on the album which might be offensive to some listeners (i.e. those who don’t support the legalization of marijuana or its use), critics would be hard-pressed to discount the talent demonstrated throughout the CD.

Although it’s been 25 years since I inhaled myself, I enjoyed this CD thoroughly, laughing throughout at such lyrics as: “Without weed… I’m Willie Nelson without doobies / Without weed… I’m Dolly Parton without boobies / I will never leave Tennessee… without weed.” I thought I’d spend a few minutes scanning the songs and moving on to the next CD. Instead, I’ve listened to it twice and will be running through it again (and probably again after that).

I would recommend Chief Greenbud’s freshman release to any music aficionado who appreciates not only good comedic writing but honest-to-goodness musical talent – even if you don’t strike a match and light up a fatty before, during or after.

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