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Welcome to the new Chief Greenbud website. Technology  seems to changes by the day and so will this website. We have tried to make it a complete resource for all things “Chief Greenbud”. You will find links to all the social networks that host Chief Greenbud as well as links to videos, music, photos and tour dates. If you are looking to purchase music, CD’s and other merchandise is available here on the website as well as links to digital downloads from trusted retailers like iTunes and Amazon.

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Chief Greenbud: His New Release and Weed

WEED LIFESTYLE September 27, 2012
Chief Greenbud: His New Release and Weed
By: Anna Diaz

Weedists: Meet Chief Greenbud
“Weedists are the people who are out there fighting the good fight and these are their stories.”

I had the pleasure of meeting Chief Greenbud via myspace when it was “happening” there. He agreed to come to Portland for our Global Cannabis March in May 2008, and our friendship began. He developed a big following here in Portland with return visits that included the 2010 national NORML Conference, where he was a headliner. Check out his music and enjoy! I am grateful that he took some time to do this interview – one weedist to another.

From the Chief Greenbud website:
“Chief Greenbud has taken his own personal experiences, along with shared stories from friends and fans, and set them to song. With his sense of humor and gift for writing, Chief Greenbud has created something extremely unique and entertaining. His style has been described as “Cheech and Chong” meets “Jimmy Buffett”, and once you hear the catchy melodies and insightful lyrics, you will understand why he is a crowd favorite wherever he performs.”

You could write songs for any genre, and certainly with less controversial subject matter. How did you come to a place where you decided to write songs about marijuana? What motivates you to continue?

I have been writing songs since I was about fifteen years old. I actually wrote a couple of the pot songs on Vol 1. prior to the Chief Greenbud project. A few years ago, after being arrested for marijuana and writing a few songs about my experience, I played them for a friend. He loved them and encouraged me to write more and record them. I did and thanks to social networking and people sharing my music with their friends, I have gotten the opportunity to perform all across the country and meet some of the friendliest people.

The motivation to continue comes from the fact that people are still getting put in jail for pot and treated like second class citizens. Also, the encouragement I get from people who get what I am singing about keeps me going. I get quite a few emails from people saying how my music touches them in one way or another. That means a lot to me.

You have traveled all over and live in a southern state. What are some highlights of the varying degrees of freedom you have enjoyed?

My first taste of freedom was in Portland, Oregon. I was there for the Global Marijuana March and got to visit the Cannabis Cafe. Talk about a surreal experience! I don’t want to go into details, but I will say that I felt like I was in Amsterdam. It is amazing to see the differences in lifestyles from cities and states that have either reduced penalties to fines or have medicinal marijuana and those that don’t.

What is it like to live and perform in a place that still has harsh marijuana laws?

I have played in a lot of states where pot is illegal. Once, in Texas, I got to the gig only to find out it was caddy corner to the police headquarters. I guess that explains why the club owner didn’t put my name on the sign out front. Now, when you talk about the state I live in, all I have to say about marijuana is, ” What’s that? I don’t believe I have ever heard that word before.” Ha-ha.

Where do you see cannabis law reform headed on a national level, not only in the upcoming election, but within the next five years?

I think more states will legalize marijuana for medicinal use, but it’s going to take decriminalization or outright legalization for personal use to make things right.

It would be nice to think that in five years marijuana prohibition will be over and we can utilize cannabis and hemp however we choose. I am concerned however that once it becomes legal and taxable nationwide, then corporations will get involved. I am not sure how good that will be for the cannabis consumer.

Your third CD was released in June. What is on the horizon for Chief Greenbud? And, I always want to know, when are you coming back to Portland?

Right now, I am promoting the new CD and writing new songs for the next one. We have sent the new CD to a lot of community and college radio stations across the US. So please call your local stations and request “Chief Greenbud”.

Most of the growth for CGB in the last four years has been organic. I am not as proactive as I should be in trying to gain more exposure for my music, but that is changing now. I have just recently started working with a manager from Green Village Entertainment. It should be interesting to see what the future holds.

Yes, Portland is on my list to come and visit next year. Hopefully that will happen!

Please share your favorite personal pot experience.

Oh, that’s a tough one. There have been so many cool things I have gotten to see and do because of Chief Greenbud. I guess the first time I got to sample eight different types of marijuana at one time – thank you, RUSS – has to top the list. In my life and in the states I have lived, you usually have one or two kinds to choose from at any given time. So, getting to sample a buffet of all types was just mind boggling.

I have been in a few dispensaries since then. It still blows me away every time I see a multitude of different varieties. I think that people with access like that sometimes forget what it’s like in other parts of the country.

If you had ten seconds to tell all your friends, family and fans just one thing, what would it be?

Ten seconds huh? Thank you. Thank you very much. I’ll be here all week. Two shows nightly. Make sure to tip your waitstaff!
Seriously, I would like to thank them for allowing me in their ears and for all their encouragement and support. I really do appreciate the way they are willing to help with promotion and sharing the music with like minded friends. I think that was about nine and a half seconds.

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CD Review – CGB Vol 3

Chief Greenbud – CGB 3
August 13, 2012
Nashville, TN
by Dan Harr

Marijuana should be legal! For the first time since polls were taken by Gallup starting in the 1960′s, more Americans than not think the drug should be legalized for medical and recreational use. After all, alcohol, which is a more dangerous drug, has been legal since prohibition was reversed.

Leading the musical charge for marijuana activism is Chief Greenbud, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who, for the last several years, has been garnering a strong following amongst not only the “pot underground,” but more mainstream musical enthusiasts as well. CGB 3, his latest CD, is a strong project filled with both party songs and messages about the need to legalize marijuana, protecting your rights during a traffic stop and more.

Starting off the CD is “Life, Liberty and a Real Good Time.” It is a powerful, upbeat song about our right to pursue happiness and why we should be able to do it with a fatty in our hand. This is a song that should be played again and again before congress whenever the question of legalization comes up.

On an album full of party songs, “I’m So Messed Up” is a good one. It’s a straight up, full-force “let’s just have fun” song. It’s funny, it’s catchy and kitchy, and an enjoyable tune.

*** PARENTAL ADVISORY *** “Drug Bust,” contains one of the funniest lyrics on the album when talking about what happens when getting arrested: “He threw me down on the ground / so I asked him for a reach-around / I might as well get jerked off / since it looks like I’m getting fucked.” ‘Nuf said! It made me laugh and it will likely do the same for you.

In my opinion, there are three strong hits with the potential to climb the charts on the album. The first one is “Smoke As Much As You Like.” While it is still a niche song, it has a great beat, strong lyrics and is just a fun song to listen to while you have your buzz on. The title has even become one of the in-demand t-shirts sold by The Chief.

Another song, “I Need A Beach,” is pure Jimmy Buffet. It’s a mainstream, radio-ready song that Jimmy, himself, would likely enjoy and perhaps even cut for one of his albums. It’s well written, has strong melodies and, simply put, is a really great song.

Closing out the CD is another song I believe has serious potential IF… (note to CGB: rewrite the lyrics for mainstream radio and the “if” becomes “when”). ”Walk To Jamaica” is a Kenny Chesney tune, or perhaps Uncle Kracker’s answer to Chesney’s “When The Sun Goes Down.” It has a fantastic beat, powerful melody and that “potential” for phenomenal lyrics. Okay – it’s a good song as is. There, I said it. BUT – it has some lyrics in it that will keep it from mainstream radio where it could easily find itself sitting on top of the Billboard Country and crossover charts.

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CD Review – CGB Vol. 2

Written By: Dan Harr

At 4:20pm this afternoon I plugged Chief Greenbud 2 into the CD player, kicked back with a couple friends and proceeded to laugh for the next 60 minutes. Chief Greenbud has released his sophomore album and, as is needed in the music industry to succeed, stepped up to the microphone and taken the new work to a higher level.

Okay, let me clarify that… when I say “higher” level, I mean it literally. The pot humor is even funnier than Greenbud’s first CD (which, itself, was exceptionally humorous) while the quality of the lyrics and music remain – well – high. Along with original melodies, the Chief effectively parodies several top artists on this CD including Alan Jackson (“It’s 4:20 Somewhere”) and Brad Paisley (“I’m Gonna Get High”). The lyrics are original and unique and the musicianship – on both parodies and originals – is top notch.

Musically, my favorite song on the CD is “Toke and Bounce.” I really like the chorus progressions. Lyrically, “I Like To Smoke Weed” is my favorite. The irony of it is in the comparisons of alcohol effects versus those of marijuana, and how alcohol is legal whereas pot isn’t. Chief Greenbud sends a message and there are many who should listen to what he has to say – whether you like pot or not, it makes sense. Another “positive pot message” is found in “Why Can’t We All Get A Bong.”

Cheech and Chong watch out! You definitely have competition in the marijuana humor category, and it’s being performed by an award winning artist. That’s right. The Chief has three GMMA’s under his belt as well as a High Times Doobie Award nomination, and in June 2009 won four American Marijuana Music Awards. Okay, so they’re not Grammys, but just wait – word has it he’s been entered for nomination consideration in the comedy category so who knows what’s up next for this artist.

As with the first album, I recommend this one to anyone who likes comedy and everyone who likes niche marijuana humor. I can’t wait for Chief Greenbud #3…

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Panties in the Sofa

Panties In The Sofa

Now, this is probably not going to be the kind of story you were expecting from the title. But read on, it is a fairly humorous tale.

We decided to replace a couch in our family room. After shopping around and finding one we liked (reclining seats on either side and massagers built in) It was that plush micro fiber… I really don’t like it myself… (not that you even care about that…) Anyway… we found one… they gave us all the info on pricing, tax, deliver, extra scotchguard for the “micro fiber”… We weren’t sure whether to go with a love seat or an oversized chair… so we went home to look at the space, talk about it and then go purchase it the following day…
Well, karma kicked in… and that night, while looking on Craigslist (www.craigslist.org)… we found the EXACT sofa… only 2 years old… but it said that it was hardly used, in a bonus room and they really needed to sell it. The price was 20% of what we WERE going to spend!! WHAT A BARGAIN !!! We emailed with lots of questions (which is why they said they responded to us first)… and after arranging the meeting time, we went, looked, and were ecstatic to find out that it WASN’T micro fiber… it was the material that we had really wanted (kind of of a corduroy)… AND it looked BRAND NEW!! We bought it on the spot.

As we were preparing to move it, we had it on it’s side… and Heather, the girl selling it, says “what’s this?”… and in the springs (where the chair reclines)… was this white fabric… all tucked up there… so she pulled it out… and unwrinkled it… and held it up… in front of all of us… her lil, white, cotton panties!!! And then she REALIZED what she was holding!!! hahaha If you could have seen how red her face was… she started stuttering about how she doesn’t know HOW they could have gotten in there… and of course… I explained to her how “I” thought they got in there!!! I then suggested she double check to see if she could find the matching bra!!!

After thinking about it for a moment, I though… what if she had NOT found those panties… What if… during the move, when we were setting it in it’s final place, those panties fell out and on to the floor under the couch… then while cleaning one day… my girlfriend finds a pair of white, thong panties under the couch… HOW DO I EXPLAIN THAT? There is NOTHING I can say that she would possibly believe at that point in time. “I swear I do not know where those panties came from”… “sure you don’t”… but I KNOW I don’t know anything about them…

My point is, sometimes things are NOT as they seem. Ladies, maybe he really doesn’t know where the panties came from. Maybe you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Guys, if, by some miracle this actually works… it’s only going to work ONE TIME… as long as she doesn’t find them in your coat pocket!!

So baby… honey… sugarplum… that is why there are “panties in the sofa”

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The Viper Room

It would be hard to describe in words, my first trip to California.

The Viper Room is a room unlike any I have played to date. It has an incredible vibe. EVERYBODY has played the Viper Room. During the sound check one of the waitresses asked for a CD. (she said I was hilarious and she wanted to give one to her boyfriend… that he would just love it… but I like to think it was really for her!! hahaha) Ater that, we went to go “tune up” for before the show. Then, showtime! Muck Sticky started the show with my new favorite song “The Icky Muck” and the crowd went nuts! They just haven’t seen the like of the Sticky Muck… The Sticky Icky Muck… we gonna party lad dee dat tee… till the sun is coming up… (shit.. it’s in my head again!!)

The highlight of the night for me…. personally, was during my new song “Why Can’t We All Get A Bong”… when lighters started glowing…. There I was, in Hollywood, California, playing in the world famous Viper Room…. and people were holding up lighters…. (and not throwing tomatos as I have experienced on numerous occasions in the past!! j/k)
AND THEN…… Santa took me outside and made up for “A Christmas Without Weed!!” hahahhaha (HE REALLY DID!! he’s one of my new friends, go check him out!!) I also met the VP of the OC Norml Chapter (Sage) and he seemed interested in bringing me back out to play for a few events… so it looks like there are more trips to Cali coming up!!

Yeah… from the moment we got off the plane and were greeted by the Henry Hemp crew upon landing in Burbank and given the full VIP Treatment complete with security and SUV motorcade!! … cruising down Sunset Strip while inhaling something called “purple woody”… going by the Playboy Mansion… smoking many, many bowls in The Rainbow Room… as well as smoking what seemed like a hundred different strains… (I want a CHIEF GREENBUD Strain!!! LOL Yeah… it was a trip… OMG was it a trip !!)

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