CD Review – CGB Vol. 1

Back in the 70’s, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong found their niche in the entertainment world performing comedy about two pot heads who simply wanted to enjoy life from their alternative consciousness. The evidence of their popularity among a certain section of society – basically current or former marijuana smokers – is evident in the fact that they are still touring today, bringing their comedy to an entirely new generation. Movies, records, tours and more. Cheech and Chong did it all. And while they are still going strong, there’s also a new artist on the scene who has been passed the torch of marijuana comedy – Chief Greenbud.

With his self-titled freshman release on the streets and a second CD underway, Chief Greenbud has taken the marijuana music world by storm… or, if you will, by one gigantic puff. The Chief has already won accolades in his field, acquiring two Global Marijuana Music Awards (Best Acoustic Song & Best Male Artist) and being nominated by High Times Magazine for their 2009 Doobie Award for Best New / Underground Artist. Additionally, he’s finding himself in high (pun intended) demand on the underground concert and festival circuit.

All songs on the CD were written and performed by Chief Greenbud, and I will say there are many songwriters out there who could take lessons from the quality of the work. Whether you enjoy breaks at 4:20 or not, you can’t help but appreciate the excellent writing in the lyrics and melodies penned by the Chief. While there are things on the album which might be offensive to some listeners (i.e. those who don’t support the legalization of marijuana or its use), critics would be hard-pressed to discount the talent demonstrated throughout the CD.

Although it’s been 25 years since I inhaled myself, I enjoyed this CD thoroughly, laughing throughout at such lyrics as: “Without weed… I’m Willie Nelson without doobies / Without weed… I’m Dolly Parton without boobies / I will never leave Tennessee… without weed.” I thought I’d spend a few minutes scanning the songs and moving on to the next CD. Instead, I’ve listened to it twice and will be running through it again (and probably again after that).

I would recommend Chief Greenbud’s freshman release to any music aficionado who appreciates not only good comedic writing but honest-to-goodness musical talent – even if you don’t strike a match and light up a fatty before, during or after.

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