Panties in the Sofa

Panties In The Sofa

Now, this is probably not going to be the kind of story you were expecting from the title. But read on, it is a fairly humorous tale.

We decided to replace a couch in our family room. After shopping around and finding one we liked (reclining seats on either side and massagers built in) It was that plush micro fiber… I really don’t like it myself… (not that you even care about that…) Anyway… we found one… they gave us all the info on pricing, tax, deliver, extra scotchguard for the “micro fiber”… We weren’t sure whether to go with a love seat or an oversized chair… so we went home to look at the space, talk about it and then go purchase it the following day…
Well, karma kicked in… and that night, while looking on Craigslist (… we found the EXACT sofa… only 2 years old… but it said that it was hardly used, in a bonus room and they really needed to sell it. The price was 20% of what we WERE going to spend!! WHAT A BARGAIN !!! We emailed with lots of questions (which is why they said they responded to us first)… and after arranging the meeting time, we went, looked, and were ecstatic to find out that it WASN’T micro fiber… it was the material that we had really wanted (kind of of a corduroy)… AND it looked BRAND NEW!! We bought it on the spot.

As we were preparing to move it, we had it on it’s side… and Heather, the girl selling it, says “what’s this?”… and in the springs (where the chair reclines)… was this white fabric… all tucked up there… so she pulled it out… and unwrinkled it… and held it up… in front of all of us… her lil, white, cotton panties!!! And then she REALIZED what she was holding!!! hahaha If you could have seen how red her face was… she started stuttering about how she doesn’t know HOW they could have gotten in there… and of course… I explained to her how “I” thought they got in there!!! I then suggested she double check to see if she could find the matching bra!!!

After thinking about it for a moment, I though… what if she had NOT found those panties… What if… during the move, when we were setting it in it’s final place, those panties fell out and on to the floor under the couch… then while cleaning one day… my girlfriend finds a pair of white, thong panties under the couch… HOW DO I EXPLAIN THAT? There is NOTHING I can say that she would possibly believe at that point in time. “I swear I do not know where those panties came from”… “sure you don’t”… but I KNOW I don’t know anything about them…

My point is, sometimes things are NOT as they seem. Ladies, maybe he really doesn’t know where the panties came from. Maybe you should give him the benefit of the doubt. Guys, if, by some miracle this actually works… it’s only going to work ONE TIME… as long as she doesn’t find them in your coat pocket!!

So baby… honey… sugarplum… that is why there are “panties in the sofa”

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    That is funny.

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