Southern Cannabis Reform Conference – Peachtree Norml – Atlanta, Georgia

Southern Cannabis Reform Conference
When: March 15th & 16th, 2013
Where: Center @ Spring4th, Atlanta, Ga

What:It gives us (Peachtree Norml) great pleasure to announce the end of Prohibition both in the South and beyond! Join us March 15 & 16th, 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia for a time of training, strategizing, and empowerment. We are uniting to produce change in our antiquated marijuana laws. The Southern Cannabis Reform Conference is a two day event. Our speakers and panelists will discuss a wide variety of issues surrounding the decriminalization of cannabis; including, the detrimental effects of marijuana prohibition, the overpopulation of prisons and jails, discrimination in marijuana laws and enforcement, violations of human rights, the impact of marijuana laws on families, minorities and our nation’s youth.

There will be a fundraiser on March 15th for Peachtree Norml featuring Chief Greenbud.

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